Ironman Countdown

Thursday, October 1, 2015

"The Best Laid Plans of Mice and Men...

... do oft go awry"  -- Robert Burns.

Hello All.

My heart is heavy, as my race for Saturday has been cancelled.  Here's how yesterday went:

After court, my BRF (best running friend... it's a real thing) Tricia took me for lunch at Mission BBQ and treated me to a pedicure, complete with a little IronMan design on my big toes.  It was so sweet of her, and added to my own excitement.
look how cute!

I picked up my bike from the shop... she was in for her last tune-up and was all clean and shiny.  At lunch, Tricia gave me a present:  a bag full of notes from my friends and family for me to keep with me during the run, so I could read them and get some inspiration.

When I got back from lunch/pedis, I had to run up the road to my dentist office.  He had to put a quick crown on my tooth... already had the root canal a few weeks ago so this was just a 5 minute thing.  As I pulled into the parking lot, I got a text from a friend, saying, "I just heard about IMMD.  I am so sorry."

Um, what?  Now mind you, all morning and all day Tuesday, I had been on the IMMD Facebook page monitoring the weather, making jokes about rain and jellyfish, etc.  Here are some of the funnier posts some very clever people made... cracked me up

I had of course been hoping for a beautiful day, but rain and wind would have just made it more interesting... I just would have been sad for spectators and the businesses in Cambridge.  I was aware of Tropical Storm Joaquin.  I was conscious of the swim possibly being cancelled

So I quickly looked at the main Ironman webpage and there it was:  cancelled.  It was gone.  Just like that.  A whole year of planning... my whole summer of not sleeping... my hopes and fears and nerves and excitement... just gone.  The only highlight was that they, the Ironman people, were hoping they could reschedule for October 17th, two weeks from now.

But in those first moments, that didn't matter.  I wasn't going to Cambridge this weekend.  I was so sad.  So "lost," as my friend Tim said.

I then had to go into the dentist office and not cry.  I had to act friendly and my usual self.  My dentist, who I love, was talking about something... I couldn't tell you one thing he said to me.  My mind was a total mess.

So I got back to my car, called James and cried.  Called my mom and cried.  Called my sister and cried.  I read a bunch of texts and emails and postings. I knew my sense of perspective would kick in eventually; I am thankful that it always does.  But I wanted to give myself some time to be angry and sad and frustrated. 

Eventually, perspective did get a hold of me.  This is my hobby;  this is an athletic event (albeit a really big one); it is not life or death.  I have two very dear friends dealing with major issues at the moment... one has had her personal life completely turned upside down, and one is dealing with a serious medical diagnosis and surgery this week.  I mean, really, I was going to get rained on and get to swim, bike and run really far.  I will be o.k.

All night, I was on the IMMD Facebook page, and my perspective grew.  There were teams in town from Honduras, Puerto Rico, Sweden and Australia.  Oh, the money they put down to travel here!  The small businesses and artisans that were banking on all these visitors; the town's economy and how they are now facing a major hurricane right up the Chesapeake.  The other triathletes who have no shot at coming back on October 17th at all.  And I actually have a friend who was intending to race this weekend, get married next weekend, and be on his honeymoon... his honeymoon is now being postponed so that he can race on October 17th if possible.  Seriously, Amy, you are the best fiance ever... Tim is so lucky (I know he knows that).

I even had my lovely teammates from my Swim Bike Mom Ambassador Team brainstorming for me, seeing if I could get to Ironman Louisville next weekend, or Beach 2 Battleship in NC in two weeks.  There were offers to help pay for new entry fees, put me up in hotel rooms, etc.  The kindnesses shown to me, from words and action, have been wonderful.
what one disappointed guy did with his new water bottle... hilarious

But, I mean, really, this just sucks for me.  It does.  But it all will work out.  Everyone is safe, and apparently all the hotels have been great about refunds.  I hope The World Triathlon Corporation is equally as kind and decent... its a steep entry fee for Ironman.  For those that can't come back on 10/17, I hope they get a comped entry for a race next year.

And if they cancel altogether, I will crushed.  I will.  But I will regroup and figure out a plan.  Because that is what a true Ironman would do:  never give up.  Until Tuesday, however, I will be back to swimming, biking and running... and hanging out with my sweet kiddos, riding out the storm.  Keep y'all post

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  1. Keeping my fingers and toes crossed for you that the 17th works out. Although, selfishly, I would love for you to come to B2B! You, Sara, Esther, and I would have such an awesome time! :) And, of course, it's really all about ME! LOL! Love ya girl! Hang in there! Til Tuesday!