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Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Race Week version 2.0

3 days until IMMD, take 2. 

As you all know, the original race day of October 3rd was rightfully cancelled due to some really crazy weather and flooding we were having, which was almost followed by a full hurricane.  The pictures of the Choptank River from that weekend reminded me of the ocean, and the bike course was completely flooded

10/3:  see the ramp to the left, that was the swim entry!

2 inches standing water... for 12 miles of the course

Ironman races are rarely completely cancelled, and when they are, it is all over.  But the amazing powers that be were able to get my race moved to this coming Saturday, October 17th.  This has NEVER happened before, that a race has been postponed and re-set.

The race director for IMMD is amazing.  But more than that, the little colonial town of Cambridge is pretty amazing too.  They really wanted this race.  It is good for their economy:  the tourism, hotels, restaurants, artisans, etc.  And being a small town, getting permits to close roads to traffic and things of that nature doesn't affect them as badly as doing this in a major city. 
on a Cambridge porch:  waiting for IMMD to start

In any event, I sit here, 3 days from race day. 

I am "Type A."  Those of your reading this who know me well are laughing at the obvious.  I have had October 3rd on the books for over a year.  I planned my entire life around it, including my training schedule and my work (court/trial) calendar.  I had NOTHING going on the original race week.  I wanted to have time to just be happy, pack, tend to last minute details and get excited, and not worry about anything else.

As a result of that original plan, I had scheduled tons of work related things for after October 3rd.  So this re-scheduling of Ironman shifted the race smack into the middle of my hell-weeks  I am incredibly grateful for the opportunity to race, but wow it could not have been at a busier time.  

I also had the strange task of how to adjust my training to allow for two more weeks, not lose my "fitness," and also not exhaust myself. 

Needless to say, it has been an interesting two weeks.  Mentally I am all over the place.  I tried to stick to my "one day at a time" approach as best I could.  It has not been easy.  I have also had to make some adjustments to the temperature change around here.  The Choptank was going to be around 74 degrees on October 3rd.  It is now 65, so I needed a wetsuit.  As I don't own one, my fantastic friend Therese sent me one in the mail, straight from her closet in Iowa
like a glove!

I also have added two or three more shirts to my bag, because I am worried about being cold on the bike.  The high temp right now is expected to be 58 degrees.  For running, that's easy for me to know what to wear.  But biking?  I have no clue and so many variables are involved.  It will be interesting to see what outfit shows up on my body after the swim.  Lots of details to think about.

Today, some work stuff changed dramatically (aka a totally unexpected plea) so that was a nice surprise.   Tomorrow, I am now free to take a drive to the race venue, check-in, and look around a little bit on my own.  I think that will help me appreciate what I am about to do, and really get me in the mood for this race.
the view at the finish line

I am incredibly thankful for all of the well wishes and "finger crossed" that have been thrown my way.  I have so many wonderful people in my life who were as let down as I was two weeks ago, and who are just as excited to see what happens on Saturday.

If you feel like tracking me on race day, there is an app in the Apple app store called "IMTrackr."  It's free, and it will send you notifications of where I am during the race, once you plug in my info.  Otherwise, you can go to the webpage, click on "live results" and look me up that way.

The next few days should be amazing, and I am looking forward to this once (??) in a lifetime experience.

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  1. EEEPS! SO EXCITED FOR YOU!! I will be with you in spirit (and checking my phone like a maniac all day!)