Ironman Countdown

Friday, August 14, 2015

50 Days to Go

Only 50 days to go, people!   I find myself freaking out at various moments in the day already, mostly about what to pack or what I will need to bring.  I have a growing list of odds and ends on my "notes" app on my phone... things like "immodium" and "large ziploc bags."

I am also officially in the "peak phase" of IMMD training.  This encompasses some of the hardest and longest workouts I will have.  I can only look a week or two in advance, just so I can figure out the best days to fit in the longest sessions... if I look too far ahead, I start too get anxious.  So, while I didn't plan it this way, these 10 day blocks of time I've been using to dedicate to my peeps has actually worked well in keeping my panic to a minimum.

And that brings us to this 10 Day Dedication Block.  You know that saying, "blood is thicker than water..."  Well, while that is certainly true, there's also the phrase "Friends are the family you choose for yourself."

I dedicate this next 10 Days of IMMD training to my "other family," collectively known as The Frisbies.  
(Yes, that's an actual last name for most of these people, marriage notwithstanding.)

Those closest to me and my family have long known about the close relationship between my family, the Markeys, and my "other family," the Frisbies.  My parents head up my family, and my Aunt Betty and Uncle Frank (again not blood relations) head up the Frisbies.  Like my parents, Aunt Betty and Uncle Frank are New York ex-pats, sent to live in exile in the DC area in the 1960's.... like my parents, they had moved away from their own families to strike out alone, raising kids in a new place several hours away from their homes.  And, like my parents, they had five children:  Patty, Kathy, Terry, Suzy and Frank(ie).  They all met at some work picnic in the late 60's/early 70's and that was pretty much how it all began.  I think that my mom and Aunt Betty, given that they were use to have siblings around, sort of took to each other as sisters and formed that kind of relationship in this, their new home.  That is also probably why my parents chose Aunt Betty to be my godmother.
Aunt Betty, Uncle Frank, Dad & Mom (cutest. photo. ever)

my godmother with Julia & me
I don't remember a time when Aunt Betty, Uncle Frank, Patty, Kathy, Terry, Suzy or Frankie weren't in my life.  Every birthday, graduation, holidays, Turkey Bowl football games, First Communions, weddings, vacation... we were together in some shape or form.  And as we, the "kids," have gotten older, we have always stayed friends... all ten of us.  Some of us have moved away or have had other family obligations and things come into play, but in the end we love each other like we are actual family... I guess at this point we actually are family.
the 5 Frisbie kids, circa 1979 (?)
Frankie & me, 1982 (?)

From the ten children, there are now spouses in the mix, and there are 27 grandchildren from those marriages in the next generation.  And those kids, which include my Jack and Julia, are becoming friends.  It is amazing, really... how two couples can decide to be friends and end up bonding three generations of people together, forever.
members of the 3rd generation, a few years ago

Turkey Bowl 2014

When I decided to do IMMD, and when I first posted about raising money for my charity, Kathy and her husband Jim were the very first people to donate.  Their oldest son, TJ, and his girlfriend Jordan, who are both young kids in their 20's with loans and graduate school, also made it a point to donate.

When I broke my collar bone, Suzy got me a Wonder Woman doll and put her arm in a cast...
Aunt Betty sent me a lasagna...  Terry and Jeff's daughter Meagan sent me a card and an awesome t-shirt.

I caught the bouquet at Jim and Kathy's wedding... I was only 14 so thank god that "next one to get married" thing isn't actually true!  On the very day Julia was born, Kathy & Jim's daughter Kelly drove to the hospital to see me, and has babysat my children on numerous occasions. Kathy use to babysit me. 

I was in Patty and Bill's wedding when I was twelve years old; their son Ben and I have bonded over "The Walking Dead" and Chick-Fil-A. 

I have 101 inside jokes with Suzy.  I could write a few of them here, and they won't make sense to anyone but her (and maybe my sister):  "you are not damned;"  "sassy free form pool;"  "what's that, turtles?  turtle me?"  "my name is Suzy, and I have beach rash..."
Davey, Jack & Frankie... deja vu!

Frankie was my very first best friend.  When I watch his son Frankie IV and Jack play together at the beach, I can't help but feel a crazy amount of nostalgia. 
the 10 of us, at my Dad's 80th birthday party

It is understood by us, in this two-family dynamic, that we will be there for each other...  Maybe not all the time, literally, but I draw a great comfort from their presence in my world.  To others I may have some important roles in life, as a mother or lawyer, or even as this crazy person training for IMMD... but to this group of people, I am reduced to decades of hilarious jokes and stories, and a ton of special moments, that make up my history.  And I love them for it.   They are part of what makes me feel grounded, secure, and loved.
this is us, on the beach...

Circle of Trust at Happy Hour, Nags Head style
 And so, my wonderful other family, I will keep you in my heart over these next 10 Days; I will pray with gratitude for your part in my life; I will pray for your continued health and happiness; and I will likely grin from ear to ear remembering some story ('member?  Turner & Hooch?) that would be almost impossible to explain to anyone else.  Love you guys.

During these 10 Days, I have:
5 Miles of Swimming
160 Miles of Biking
25 Miles of Running


  1. How very lucky that you have not one wonderful family but two !

  2. Sometimes you cry to see the truth written well. Sometimes it's on a train and people ask you if you're ok.

    "You're my friend too (Todd). And we'll always be friends, forever."

    We are proud of you. - Frank(ie)