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Monday, June 1, 2015

A Will and A Way -- Eagleman 70.3 Lives!

Here we are, one month post-op. 

Ten days ago, my doc cleared me to run so long as I wasn't "sprinting" or running in such a way or with the kind of effort that requires a lot of arm movement or swinging.   That was just the best news... I went out first thing the next morning, the Saturday of Memorial Day weekend which was just picture perfect: 68 deg and no humidity.

first run:  happiest girl that morning

Apparently, my fracture is healing pretty quickly.  I've been making my way back to my original training plan, minus any speed work.  And of course I am still biking indoors which makes me a bit sad.  But I am getting some quality tv watching done, I guess.
trainer time -- like a Marylander

In two weeks, I have Eagleman 70.3, a half Iron-distance.  This was my big race last year, that I got through simply by surviving it.  I had wanted to really improve my time, especially on the bike this year.  But, the accident changed things.  Originally, just after surgery, I had scrapped this race in my mind, thinking there was no way I could do it.  But, as I started to heal up and feel better, my brain wouldn't let it go.  There's also the entry fee, which is non-refundable (they have an insurance policy you can purchase when you register in case you can't do the race, but who ever buys that?? live and learn).  So I kept trying to figure out if there was a way to me to still get to Eagleman, if only to treat it as a training day, not a race... but I just can't swim right now.  I can't make a full rotation with my arm, and it is certainly not worth hurting myself to try.

And so, the good people at Ironman said I could convert to a relay if I could find a swimmer.  They were more than happy to take some more money from me to make this conversion, but at least I wouldn't be out an entire entry fee ($$$!!).  More importantly, I could be there and do part of the race.  The bike leg is one loop of the two that I'll be doing for IMMD, so it is good practice, too.

I got the email about being allowed to do a relay on my anniversary, May 15th.  James and I took the day off to hang out together, and I told him about the relay and that, pending doctor's clearance, I'd like to still go... would he be my swimmer?  And probably one of my favorite things about him is that he did not lecture me about not doing this, or ask a myriad of questions about my health... he just trusted that I knew what I was doing and that I would never do anything that the doc didn't approve of. So he simply said, "yes."
the swimmer

So I have my swimmer, the former Columbia Association summer swimming standout:  James.

I named our team, "A Will and A Way."   Seemed fitting:  I have the will; James is the "way."  So we are both getting ready to enjoy this experience together.  James has done extra time in the pool in the morning, and I am almost back up to my pre-accident mileage and paces.  It won't be the Eagleman I wanted to have, but it'll be amazing nonetheless.  Six weeks after breaking my clavicle, I get to race... I'm a lucky girl.

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