Ironman Countdown

Thursday, June 25, 2015

100 Days Until IMMD -- 10 day dedications

So here we are, 100 days out from IMMD.  I can't believe it.  It is going to be an intense 100 days, with lots of hard work.  I am excited mostly, but seriously nervous about how I am going to fit everything in.

My friend Meredith, AKA Swim Bike Mom, tackled her first Ironman in 2013 at Coeur d'Alene in Idaho.  I remember reading all about it on her blog, and thinking I would like to try it.  I had been thinking about it anyway, but Meredith's experience, and her sharing that experience, really was a major turning point for me.
meeting an inspiration:  Meredith!

One of my favorite things that Meredith did to prepare for her first Iron race was to dedicate 10 day blocks of training, for the last 100 days before the race itself, to various people in her life.  I have always tried to race and train with a grateful heart, thankful that my body is able to do the things that it can.   Being mindful of my blessings is always beneficial to that end.

And so, I am totally stealing/borrowing/hijacking this idea from Swim Bike Mom.  I just love it so much.

I am blessed by so many people.  Its actually overwhelming in a way.  By tailoring my dedications in the way that I have, I certainly have no intention to "exclude" anyone.  My goal is to set an intention in my heart during each 10 day block for the person or persons I name... because that person or that group inspire me, have supported me in this particular goal, or generally are too huge a part of who I am.

And so, for my first block of 10, I dedicate my training to the Cancer Warriors.  

This should not be a surprise, given my choice of fundraising for IMMD.  I have so enjoyed spreading the word about The Little Things for Cancer and raising money through this race for the good work they do.  And I am incredibly close to the fundraising goal I set in October.  Check it out here:  Colleen's TLT4C Fundraiser

Everyday, I say a prayer of thanks for my health.  I can get up, do what I want, run my kids around, do a job that I love, be a wife and mother, and live my life at full capacity.  A cancer diagnosis must be earth-shattering to that everyday life we all take so much for granted.

Team Vickie Forever
I have several friends who have lost parents, siblings, and other loved ones to this disease.  I lost my co-worker and friend Vickie last year to AML.  She was an amazing Warrior!
Vickie's plaque

I hear so many stories about men and women, so much like me with young children and entire lives ahead of them, who are facing a diagnosis.  I cannot imagine the bravery and the courage it must take to fight cancer.

When my Dad was diagnosed last year, I felt hollow for those days and weeks.  He's the strongest and healthiest person I know.  How can this be?  We know how lucky we are, because his diagnosis came at 79 years old, and his treatment options were amazing.  And he has been doing incredibly well.  But facing cancer?  It is just plain scary.  

I am happy to know many survivors of this disease... amazing individuals full of faith, strength, hope and love.  And I am humbled by those who are still fighting. 

James/my biceps at Eagleman
The fastest girl I know, my friend Stef, is in my heart and mind whenever I lace up my shoes.  She is fighting ovarian cancer, and her strength is incredible.  An old friend from college, Erin (not calling you old, Erin!) began facing her cancer diagnosis only weeks after marrying her true love at last... and her bravery inspires me.  There's a young girl named Carly who currently attends my high school alma mater; she is fighting AML and looking for a bone marrow match.... you can become a donor here:  Delete Blood Cancer

So, from today through July 4th, I will carry the Cancer Warriors with me.  I will say prayers for strength, for hope, for peace... Through these 10 days, I have:

3 miles of swimming (easing the collarbone back)
135 miles of biking
18 miles of running (which includes a 10K race!)

And when it gets tough, or the humidity threatens to take me down, I will remember what real toughness is, Warriors.  I will remember, and I will forge ahead because that's what you have done, and continue to do, each and every day.


  1. This one hits close to home for me. My brother in law just found out that his cancer came back for a fourth time. He has two kids (6 and 9). Each time it comes back is more serious than the last, so it's really scary. It's terrifying, but he's facing it with true courage. Good on you for this dedication.

  2. Penguin, consider him added to my thoughts over these next several days. Hugs to him and his family. xo