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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Marine Corps Marathon: ACCESS GRANTED!

Since I knew I would be doing an Ironman in 2015, I figured I should keep up the distance training, and sign up for another marathon in 2014.  I was so impressed with MCM, after watching Shethir last year, that I thought that race would be a great fit.  It is fairly close to home (no travel/overnight expenses) Plus, Shethir had decided to run it again, so we'd be there together!  Flat course, great crowd support, scenic, city of my birth... Marine Corps Marathon, here I come!

MCM is now a lottery marathon, that is you don't automatically get in, just by signing up.  However, if you run the Marine Corps 17.75K race (about 11 miles) in April, you get an automatic entry into MCM in October.  In other words, pay money to run 11 so you can pay again later to run 26.2!   So, I ran the 17.75 with Shethir on April 11, 2014.  It was held at the Prince William Forest Park down near Quantico, VA.  It was a gorgeous morning, and probably one of the hilliest races I have ever done!

We were just a little excited to get our "Marine Corps Marathon Access Granted" passes!  So cool!

Access Granted, b*&$#es!

too excited?

let the insanity continue!
 And so, beginning in June, I started training all over again.  I used a slightly more "advanced" program from Hal Higdon, just to see how it would work for me.  Last year was all about building mileage; this year I worked some pace runs and speed work into the routine.  The summer humidity is a tough obstacle.  And finding time for longer runs can be challenging with the children and work and life (thank you James!).  The worst run this season came at the beginning of September.  We had so much going on at home that weekend, that I had to get up at 4:30 to get this 18 miler done... and it was so HOT and HUMID, even without the sun.  I was in a bad place mentally from the get-go, but trudged through it miserably.  I don't do well with heat, especially Maryland full tilt humidity heat, generally, but once it gets into my head, I'm just a wreck about it.  I beat myself up, "why am I even doing this?" and other trash talk.  Then I bring it back to neutral (usually several hours after its over), and remember I still did the miles.  They may have been ugly and all over the place, but it got done.  The work got done.  On to the next one.

nifty graph of my mileage over the last six months

 But as the weather got cooler, that work in the summer seemed to be paying off.  And here we are, days before the marathon already!  I am looking forward to the race expo on Friday and seeing Shethir and some other friends.  I am excited for Sunday.


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